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Welcome To Dronacharya Public School

Our aim is to encourage pupils to learn within a secure, friendly and well-disciplined atmosphere. Our modern accomodation provides the resources to support an experienced management team and highly qualified staff. We are committed to providing a high quality education, while making school an enjoyable experience for the children who attend Dronacharya Public School.

We believe in empowering individuals to realize their dreams & creative geniuses with requisite knowledge we encourage our students to develope skills that ignite

young minds to do common things in life in an uncommon way so as to enable generation next to find their individual input helpful in some way or the other .

We follow a new and outstanding curriculum with expert people who unravel the joys of learning. Innovative methods, based on the Integral Pedagogical Paradigm cater to both the intellectual and affective dimensions conducive to overall moral, religious and aesthetic aspects of growth - an integrated approach to harmonize all the elements required for the formation of fine human being